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Wojciech Nawrocki

wildlife photographer, underwater photographer

born July 26th 1980; MSc. Environmental Protection at the Agricultural University (now the University of Life Sciences) in Poznan, in Poland and engineer degree in International Rural Innovation and Development at the Agricultural University in Dronten, in the Netherlands.

Photographer, naturalist, traveler and diver. Initially traveled and dived for adventure, and now he is doing it first and foremost for the image. Diver with 19 years of experience, having permissions for deep technical diving. His experience of naturalist, traveler and diver, combines and uses currently in photography.

Deals with a wildlife and underwater photography, by immortalizing especially the world of wild animals, plants and landscapes. Specializes in uncomfortable and challenging nature photography, realized in harsh environmental conditions – swamps, marshes, underwater, in the rivers. Through his beautiful and artistic cadres, would like to draw people’s attention to the beauty and subtlety of the surrounding nature and the need for its protection.

His life path always ran parallel and in harmony with nature. Since childhood, fascinated by nature, deepened knowledge in the field of environmental protection. He realizes himself in these passions on many fronts, in many areas and in different ways – both professionally and personal.

In recent years, was honored and awarded in 20 photographic competitions:

  • in the international competition “Marshes Of The World”, organized by the Fondation du Grand-Cachot-de-Vent and Pro Natura International, in which as many as 5 of his photographs, were honorable mentioned and hung at the exhibition in Switzerland and France,
  • twice honored during the International Festival of Wildlife Photography “The Art of Nature” in Torun, in Poland,
  • honored in a photo contest of nature photography “Foto-Eko”, organized by The Polish Society for Nature Protection “Salamandra”,
  • his photographs have been twice selected as “the image of the month” in the photo contest “Motherland Nature”,
  • 1st place and victory in the photo contest “The Book Of Nature”,
  • 1st place in the photo contest “Storks” in the category “White Stork” in 2013 and honorable mention in the same category  in edition of this contest in 2016,
  • 3rd place in the May edition of the underwater photo contest Eilat Red Sea 2013″,
  • honored in two editions, and in one of the edition (in the 8th edition in 2014), he was the winner of the 1st place in two categories: “Birds” and “Nature” and furthermore, he has become the winner of the whole competition “Foto-festiwal.pl”,
  • 1st place (the statuette of the gold squirrel), 3rd place (the statuette of the black squirrel) and honorable mention in the photo contest Flying Wonders Of Nature 2014″ and 2nd place (the statuette of the redhead squirrel) in the 2015 edition of this competition,
  • 1st place in the category “Common Coot”, 2nd place in the category “Tufted Duck”, 2nd place in the category “Greylag Goose” and honorable mention in the category “Mallard” in the photo competition “Let Them Live!”,
  • Special Award of the Polish Nature Photographers’ Union for artistic values,
  • 1st place in the underwater photo competition “Dive”,
  • honorable mention of 3 photographs in a photography competition “Wetlands for the Future” organized by Biebrza National Park,
  • 1st place and two honorable mentions in VI edition of the photo contest “Biodiversity and landscape diversity of the Bieszczady National Park and its buffer zone”.

His photographs adorned many exhibitions, including post-competition exhibitions and were published in magazines, folders, calendars, promotional materials, web portals and broadcasted on large outdoor LED screens.

His photographs can be viewed as well on his FanPage on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wojciech.nawrocki.photo.portfolio

Professionally, Board Member and co-owner of the consulting company METROPOLIS Economic Advice Ltd. providing services of gaining grants, especially for projects aimed at environmental protection.

Expert appointed by the Minister of the Environment, the Minister of Economy and Marshal Offices for assessment of the projects for funding in several firlds of specialization, concerning the environmental protection.

Supports organizations and initiatives acting to protect wildlife – especially the protection of birds and aquatic ecosystems; turns himself personally in children’s education, by conducting nature lectures, which are always accompanied by the slideshow of his exquisite and unique photographs.

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